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Karen Wister Kearns

Hi, I am Karen Wister Kearns, LPC. I have been a certified and licensed therapist for over thirty years. Having lived on a farm in Pennsylvania, I had many animals. Early on it became apparent that using them with clients helped break barriers and reduced stress. This helped clients feel more comfortable entering into a counseling relationship. Returning to sessions, they looked forward to having one of the animals they connected with next to them during therapy sessions. I saw the joy that companionship brings.

Modalities used

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT

  • Animal Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy REBT

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

  • Anger Management


TeleMental Health allows my clients to bring their pets to counseling with them. It also opens the door to many clients, ones who are homebound, disabled, suffering chronic pain, living a distance from a counseling office or those with busy schedules that do not have time to come to an office. They can enjoy the convenience of TeleMental Health from home.  I am licensed in Arizona and Pennsylvania and Board Certified in TeleMental Health. I can only serve clients in states in which I am licensed.

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My mission is to contribute to the mental well being of my clients through the use of TeleMental Health and, if desired, the emotional support of their pets.

Enjoy TeleMental Health from your home and office

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